JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin production studio is changing hands – an agreement designed to help spread the good word for “Christ in Youth.”

“Currently when we wanted to film projects, we’ve got a hang up signs around our building. We’re taking over conference rooms, we’re taking over offices,” said Jason French, Christ in Youth.

But that’s all changing. The group “Christ in Youth” – or CIY – is taking over an 18,000 square foot studio, with big plans for the future.

“We’re going to be branching out into things I do with Metaverse, you know, things that are more virtual production that involve, you know, gaming systems like Unreal Engine and lots of other things that are coming,” said French.

Leaps and bounds ahead of conditions in 2004 when MD Neely started with just a camera and a tripod.

“The hope is that eventually the space will be outfitted to where you can almost kind of walk on and have different looks kind of preset for different things, all that kind of thing, but also allow us to build sets in this space. It just gives us it’s a very versatile, really Canvas to be able to use,” said MD Neely, Christ in Youth.

The studio had served Good News Productions International for decades, a space to develop video projects for Christian groups. But the operating model is changing, and they ready to pass the space on for its next life

“There were a lot of emotions, as well as the projects that had gone out. But now it’s a new day. And we’re so confident that CIY is going to do a fabulous work with the tools that we had for many years. We’re going to give them to them and they’re going to run with it and do even better,” said Mike Schrage, Good News Production.

The two companies plan to collaborate on future projects – both in Joplin and around the globe.