NEOSHO, Mo. — Monday morning beginning at 6:30 AM Neosho enjoyed their second year of Trout Season catch-and-keep with Hickory Creek stocked in Morse Park.

The beginning of a fish story on Hickory Creek at Morse Park before 7:00 AM Monday.

Many people kept mentioning how special that Neosho is now a part of the March 1 tradition of Trout Season in Missouri. One gentleman walking his dog through the park waved at our television cameras and exclaimed, “We’ve waited 50 years for this!” Reiterating exactly what everyone has been saying.

What makes it so special is just upstream is the historic Neosho Fish Hatchery. It is the oldest fish hatchery in the United States, established in 1888, and operated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Hatchlings born in Neosho are released all over the state so it only seems appropriate that Newton County citizens get to finally enjoy the tradition.

By John J. Brice – Brice, John J. (1898) Manual of Fish-Culture, Based on the Methods of the United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries, Report of the Commissioner (United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries), 1896/1897, Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, Public Domain,

ROARING RIVER STATE PARK — Nestled in the Ozarks Hills of Barry County, the park came to life in the 1930’s with the WPA who began developing the donated land from 1933-1939 creating the buildings and structures around the Roaring River Spring that would pave the way for the hatchery.

Now more than 1/2 million people visit the park annually near Cassville, Missouri. And oddly they all want to visit on March 1. The opening of Trout Season.

“When I was little [Cassville] got to get out of school when trout season opened,” T.L. told us in a private message. “It was a regular holiday!” And even though it’s 2021, area schools still take the first day of Trout Season off.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe spent some on the banks of Roaring River. Not sure if he caught his limit today.

“It’s a great part of the Missouri tradition. You’ll see families here who have been coming for generations. Grandfathers with sons, sons with daughters… you get the whole mix out here. So it’s great to see so many people out here this morning. Roaring River does a fantastic job accommodating folks, and we’re just happy to see Missourians out and about and enjoying the great outdoors.”

Missouri Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe to OzarksFirst


A valid Missouri Fishing License and Missouri Trout Stamp are required to Trout fish. Both can be purchased online from the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website. Each angler can keep four trout.

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