CARTHAGE, Mo. – A Carthage, Missouri, man who was arrested in July of 2020 on Child Sexual Abuse Charges was found guilty in a two-day jury trial this past July 2021 on both counts: Statutory Sodomy and Child Molestation.

Now Monday, Oct. 18, 2021, Arch Keith Robinson, 61, was sentenced in Jasper County Court to 25 years in prison.

“Defendant sentenced to 25 years with Department of Corrections on Count I and 15 years with Department of Corrections on Count II. Each sentence to run concurrent. Defendant ordered to pay court costs. Defendant remanded to Jasper County Sheriff’s Department. So Ordered. Gayle L. Crane, Circuit Judge.” – Sentencing Hearing 10/18/21

  • Statutory Sodomy Or Attempted Statutory Sodomy – Deviate Sexual Intercourse – Person Less Than 12 Yoa { Felony Unclassified RSMo: 566.062 }
  • Child Molestation – 2nd Degree -Child Less Than 12 Yoa { Felony B RSMo: 566.068 }

The case began in the early morning hours of July 4, 2020, as Carthage Police Dept. responded to a report of child sexual assault. Investigators at the Children’s Center in Joplin, 1028 East 7th, interviewed the child victim on July 7, 2020. Robinson was arrested and booked into the Jasper County Jail later that day.


Portions of the redacted Probable Cause Statement do not clearly state the relationship from victim to Robinson. However it is believed that the victim is the step grand daughter of Robinson.

The initial report was taken by Carthage Police, July 4, 2020, around 3:30 AM, which included a minor female that had been staying the night at her grandparents home. Just before 1:00 AM the child’s parents began receiving a series of disturbing text messages from the minor child.

At 12:53 am on 07/04/2020: I need you to come pick me up please. At 12:55 am: I need you to come pick me up please; Pa put his hands in my pants and up my shirt and put his tongue in my mouth. I just stayed up still because I didn’t know what to do; Please come pick me up! At 12:57 am: Mom; Please; Answer me. At 01:00 am: Mom. At 01:01 am: I feel so in; Uncomfortable here now.” – PC NARRATIVE OF CHILD’S TEXTS TO PARENTS

Sgt Adam Blankenship of the Carthage Police Department in his probable cause statement includes a narrative of the Children’s Center interview where the minor spoke with a child forensic interviewer:

[Child] stated that sometime around 01:00 am while she was trying to sleep in a fort she, her sister, and Arch Keith Robinson built in the livingroom, Keith laid down beside her and began touching her on her body. He started out touching her stomach, then down to her knees and then up to her shoulders, [child] said he put his hand under her yellow and white old soccer jersey touching her on her ‘private’ (breasts). He also put his hand under her underwear, which was under the pink Nike shorts she was wearing, moving his hand around on her ‘private’ (vagina) area, but he did not penetrate into her vagina. Keith also opened her mouth and stuck his tongue in her mouth and was moving his tongue around inside her mouth. She was scared and did not know what to do so she just laid there acting as if she were asleep. Keith did not say anything to her while he was touching her.

After he was done he left the room. Keith came back in the room so she said she needed to use the bathroom. She was actually wanting her cell phone which was in the other livingroom on a charger. She got her phone and went to the other livingroom. She texted her parents and another grandmother asking for them to come get her and told them what happened. She also called her parents to let it ring and then hung up after one ring to try and get their attention.

Keith came into the room and told her she needed to get back to the fort so she did and laid down to sleep. Keith came back in the room and started doing the same things to her again. This time she ‘made movements’ to try and push him away to get him to stop. She told him she was awake and to get off of her. He stopped and left the room. Sometime later her parents showed up at the house.”

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