McDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — Events that led up to the death of an Anderson, Missouri, man are outlined in the Probable Cause Affidavit filed by the McDonald County Sheriff’s office, charging Levi Watkins, 19, with Second Degree Murder and Armed Criminal Action. 

Tuesday Watkins request for a bond reduction was denied in court. 

The incident occurred Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 102 Stephens Drive, the address of the now-deceased victim, Jonny Wren. He was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced after suffering multiple gunshot wounds. 

Two men who fled the shooting in a white passenger car, turned themselves in the next day. Levi Watkins and Dallas Outt. Only one is charged at this time. 

“On May 26, 2021 Dallas [Outt] turned himself into the Newton County Sheriffs Office and was transported to the McDonald County Sheriffs office for questioning. After reading Miranda and getting a signed Miranda waiver I conducted an interview on Dallas. Dallas got called by Levi wanting a ride to Anderson which he agreed to do. Dallas said he told him they were going up on the hill. Dallas stated while talking to Jonny that Levi and Jonny began to fight. During the fight Dallas stated Jonny said you really want to play ran inside and grabbed a gun. Dallas said at that point he and Levi ran to the passenger side of his car to hide. Dallas said Jonny then told them they could leave but did not come back on the hill again. Dallas stated he ran around the car and got in the driver seat to leave. Dallas said Levi pulled a pistol out of the passenger side door that he did not know he had with him. Dallas said Levi and Jonny both shot and during his recorded interview stated he did not know who shot first however in his written statement States Jonny shot first. Dallas stated Levi then jumped back in the car with him and yelled go go go. Dallas said at that point he took off and went west out F Hwy. Dallas said they took his car to Levi’s grandma‘s house in Wyandotte Ok. Dallas said they left the car there and took Levi‘s grandma‘s truck to the casino to meet his sister. Dallas when they got to Downstream they heard their names had been released, so they started walking and after walking for hours they split up.”Det. Jacob Leake, MCSO 

Detective Leake also stated he processed the crime scene, taking photographs and gathering evidence. “I was able to collect 9mm shell casings in the area the car was parked as well as the lead from a 9mm round in the driveway.”

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