UPDATE: At 6:56 AM, Noel Command report, “the leak is isolated and contained, we are working to ventilate the building now.”

7:45 AM mutual aid agencies were released including Southwest City Fire and Joplin Fire Department.

NOEL, Mo. — About 6:00 AM Wednesday morning area HazMat teams were alerted to a reported ammonia leak at Tyson, 1 Tyson Drive, Noel.

Unknown at this time if there are any injuries.

Multiple agencies were notified and are responding to assist Noel Fire. Southwest City Fire arrived just after 6:30 AM.

Other departments equipped to assist are rushing to Noel including Joplin Fire Department.

If you travel through Noel for your commute or daily plans possible road closures include:

  • North of Noel: MO-59
  • South of Noel: MO-90

More information as it becomes available from authorities.