JOPLIN, Mo. — It is the only top-10 cause of death in the United States with no known cure. And today, Alzheimer’s was the focus of a community forum in Joplin.

It took place at the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce. Joining members of the greater Missouri chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association were community members and caregivers.

The forum covered issues related to Alzheimer’s, as well as dementia and overall memory loss.

“So, when I think about what Joplin has as a resource, it’s a lot of these people who are sitting in this room who are advocates for caregivers. When I look at what we need to change, it’s maybe going into some of our health care systems and figuring out a great way to educate providers. Or more importantly, maybe just be able to have a catalyst for equipping caregivers with some of that information,” said Samantha Whittaker, Walk Manager, Alzheimer’s Association.

Officials hope to have more resources available in Southwest Missouri by next year.