JOPLIN, Mo. — Most of us would never think of making and eating a sandwich without bread on the top. But that’s exactly how they’re made in the Czech Republic. Students and members of the community learned how the delicacies are made by an authentic Czech Chef. Tomas Slepicka was born and raised in that European country and says there’s a good reason why the top of the sandwich is left uncovered.

“And then the flavor explosion in a way because we have very nice, very nice variation of the spreads on the top and the way how the deli meat is arranged, it actually brings different flavor experience than when you have thick slices which are just laying on each other,” said Slepicka.

Slepicka is now an American citizen and lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. His visit to the campus coincides with the Czech semester at MSSU.

If you’d like the recipe for open-faced sandwiches and other Czech cuisine you can follow this link here.