JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin group is getting state-level attention today.

The Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area hosted State Senator Bill White and State Representative Ann Kelley at their Joplin office.

The ESC broke down the 43 assistance programs they offer. Everything from the energy assistance program, to weatherization, and a new way to help with your water bill.

The goal is to help even more people by building awareness.

“That gives them more disposable income to pay for other bills. And as you know and as you report every night, inflation is just killing everyone. The cost of everything is going up. Particularly gasoline and food products and so forth,” said John Joines, ESC CEO.

“It’s amazing what you don’t know that can help people, that people say ‘you should know this.’ Well, how? And so, this is a wonderful thing where they’re going through and reviewing all the different programs they’ve got,” said MO Senator Bill White, R.

Workers at the ESC emphasized there is still money available for help with energy bills.

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