“The work on the supply line will continue through the night. It should be fixed sometime [Saturday] and they will begin to get customers back online after that. It could possibly late tomorrow night before full service is restored. For safety, there will have to be someone home when they are turning the gas back on at your residence, so please plan accordingly.”


Watch the Spire website for updates: https://www.spireenergy.com/outages

UPDATE: Spire customers tell us in recorded phone messages they were informed a third-party supplier had an issue and some would be without service. According to the Spire website:

We currently have one outage in Carl Junction, MO near Joplin, MO. Approximately 1,200 customers are impacted by the outage.


JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — About 10:00 AM Friday morning gas service was interrupted to the area after an intermediate pressure line break according to Southern Star Central Gas.

When that pressure line broke, a witness told us, it tossed a work truck into the air about 10-15 feet and displaced a crater of dirt injuring a worker. That worker was transported by METS ambulance to an area hospital suffering serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

This occurred in the county just south of the intersection of Fir Road and North Lone Elm.

Subsequently later Friday afternoon Southern Star released more information via a media release stating 800 customers are being affected for an unknown amount of time.

North Lone Elm remains closed at Fir Road.

It’s unknown when service will be restored but important to note that Southern Star puts an emphasis on safety.

Customers we talked with Friday evening were not sure when service would be restored.