JANE, Mo. — Tuesday evening they had to come in waves at the Wal-Mart SuperCenter we were told. There were too many to shop all at once. 130 kids were chosen to participate in the McDonald County Sheriff’s ‘Shop with a Hero’ program.

Sheriff Michael S. Hall says the kids are chosen by their schools. And schools from all over the county, Goodman, Rocky, Southwest City and all the others.

“It’s our record year so far. And for 2020 it’s great because we can help those people that really need it.”

He said they asked for donations as always and they simply kept coming in, the $10, the $20, every little bit added up.

“A couple of our Heroes passed away this year. Bob Payton was a paramedic that lived the program and a lot of people donated in his name. And also Larry Houston that was a reserve of [Sheriff’s office] recently passed away and he always donated.”

Sheriff Hall says there are so many people to thank Tuesday evening, the first responders across the county (Heroes) who helped the kids shop. The schools for selecting the kids in need. Wal-Mart for letting them take over on this big night. And all of the donors in the community.

“All of [the kids] love it, getting to see Santa Clause. I love it because I get to deliver some of the letters myself. You know most people don’t like to see officers show up on their doorstep. When I say ‘no this is the letter, you got chosen to Shop with a Hero.’ They just light up.”

You can still make a donation to Shop with a Hero. What isn’t used this year is saved for 2021. Click here to send them a message on FB.