Wildcat Glades Spooktacular daily classes this week culminate with Saturday’s Ghostly Glades

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Lauren Copple, Naturalist, of Wildcat Glades Friends Group shares details of this exciting week of educational classes.

The dead tree on Wildcat Glades. Here is where the Ghostly Glades begin Saturday. A costumed person, shares the story of the Turkey Vulture. Spiders, Owls, Snakes, Poison Ivy and other scary things, native to the glades, you experience on the mini-hike. Photo: Shannon Becker/Nexstar Broadcasting

JOPLIN, Mo. — (All events are rain or shine) — Lauren Copple, naturalist, with Wildcat Glades Friends Group tells us about the daily educational classes this week and then the traditional Ghostly Glades will be held on Saturday.

They do ask you to register for classes. Each class is different and might have a unique location at Wildcat Glades. One class is virtual and a few others are partnered with the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Shoal Creek Education and Conservation Center.

Ghostly Glades is a simple, short, safe, social-distanced hike, on Saturday, that ends at the new Wildcat Village! It’s the new building where the Friends Group holds the majority of their classes. SO REGISTER AND WE WILL SEE YOU TONIGHT!

FRIDAYFREE FAMILY CLASS“Although many people are afraid of spiders, most are harmless to humans. Learn all about these eight-legged predators, find out why they are so important and see some up close. After a short program, we’ll start a spider safari where we’ll search for them in the dark. This program will be outdoors. We will meet inside the nature center please bring a flashlight and dress for the weather. Registration is required.” CLICK HERE TO VISIT PAGE FOR REGISTRATION. This class is with the Missouri Department of Conservation and meets at the Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center.
SATURDAY — FREE MINI-HIKE — “BEWARE THE HAZARDS ON THE GLADE!!! Lets take a look and see what kind of hazardous things we can find at Wildcat Glades, but not too close, 6 feet away seems close enough! Come and enjoy an all ages educational guided night hike, a take home craft, snacks and some fun at the brand new Wildcat Village. We will be practicing social distancing, limiting our groups to 10 or less (we prefer to keep house hold groups together), and our staff will be sanitizing between groups. Registration is required.” CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR SATURDAY.


MONDAY/tonight is taught by the Chert Glades Missouri Master Naturalist at the new education cottage inside Wildcat Village. It’s FREE but they ask you to register. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER! “Owls are spooky creatures of the night. Sometimes we hear the rustle of their wings as they swoop through the trees searching for a good night’s meal. Sometimes they call softly to each other. Join our friends from the Missouri Master Naturalists at the Wildcat Village to learn how owls live and what they eat.”
TUESDAY — VIRTUAL MEANS YOU CAN DO IT ONLINE — What’s inside a cave? A bunch of critters! “Missouri is also known as the Cave State because it has over 7,500 know caves. Inside this unique ecosystem live some critters with interesting adaptations to help them survive in caves. Join us to learn about caves, cave critters, and why we need to protect this unique ecosystem. You must register to attend and provide a valid email to receive a link to the program.” CLICK HERE TO VISIT PAGE FOR REGISTRATION. This virtual class is with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Wildcat Glades and Shoal Creek has caves!
WEDNESDAY“Is that a bat? Will it turn into a vampire? Do bats only come out at Halloween? Join us to learn all about the bats of Missouri, what types of food they eat, and what special homes they have. We will read a story, make a craft and might get to peak at some bats in action at the Wildcat Village. Registration is required and space is limited.” It’s at the Wildcat Village at 6:00 PM CLICK HERE TO REGISTER, IT’S FREE.
THURSDAYFREE FAMILY CLASS — “What type of creatures lurk near our streams at night? Missouri may not be home to ghouls and goblins but we do have some pretty amazing critters in and near our streams. Join us at the Wildcat Village to learn about our spookiest critters, and what makes them amazing! We will lean about the creepiest of critters and you will have the chance to create your own. Space is limited and registration required.CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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