Water main breaks overnight spraying water 30 feet over Logan’s Run neighborhood

Joplin News First

A Missouri-American Water official told us the repair took about 3-4 hours

JOPLIN, Mo. — Logan’s Run neighborhood is one of the furthest north in the Joplin city limits. Bordering on Webb City just west of Prairie Flower Road.

Friday morning around 1:30 AM a neighbor close to East Lucas and North James Drive told us, ‘we heard a loud pop!’ As they came outside water was spraying 30+ feet in the air across the neighborhood!

A Missouri American Water official on Friday told Joplin News First “It was an 8-inch main break. We had between 20-30 homes temporarily out of water for 3-4 hours.” And most of that was while everyone was asleep.

The neighborhood was built mostly in the late 1990s. So to have a pipe corrode and then blast off a cap isn’t out of the ordinary we were told.

As the main burst the water blew through the ground and displaced rocks and dirt at a high-rate of speed. Causing damage to one vehicle parked nearby. Busting out a back window.

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