Vehicle Drives into Dentist Office

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"Not the normal kind of EXTRACTIONS that we do!" Dr. Dan Young of Young Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

(JOPLIN, Mo.) — Saturday shortly after 1:00 PM, Joplin Police & EMS responded to reports of a vehicle driving into a storefront, Young Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, 2640 East 32nd.

The crash revealed Dr. Young is one to take disaster in stride. Posting photos and video for patients to see on FB. “Not the normal kind of EXTRACTIONS we do!” As the white car is pulled from his lobby by a tow truck.

In all seriousness, 5 weeks after the 2011 tornado destroyed his office at 26th and McClelland, he was up and running in a temporary location seeing patients. So a car in the lobby? It’s not going to put the brakes on getting back to work.

“We have some EXCITING NEWS to share…..We are doing some REMODELING!!! It’s a little unexpected but we know once we are finished It will be GREAT! Here are some before pics we took today after we decided to do this.”

“Thanks to my Fantastic team and good friends we will be open as predicted at 8:00 AM Monday. Thanks to everyone who has been so concerned about our “excitement !” We are blessed to live and serve such a wonderful community!”

Sun clean up crew!

His enthusiasm must be contagious because a patient posted a comment, “Dr. Dan I love your attitude roll with the punches you got this!!” L.T.

No one welcomes this sort of surprise destruction. It takes a special person to have a humor about it. Dr. Young’s own words from 2013 speak volumes on his outlook then and now.

“We all have bad days no matter what profession we’re in. And you really just wish you did something else. But I can honestly say, I don’t think I am ever going to feel that way again because, when you are faced with the potential reality of not being able to do something that you love again? You cherish it.” Dr. Dan Young, 2013, YouTube


Joplin Police told us no injuries were reported to occupant(s) of the vehicle. And the dentist office was closed at the time of the crash. The driver was parking to go into an adjacent business when the brakes failed.

(photo & video credit Young Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, used with permission)

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