Train derailment milepost 181, south of Neosho, numerous cars scattered along Kansas City Southern track

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No injuries and cars were loaded with chicken feed, not a HAZMAT situation

NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. (South of Neosho) — Just about 11:00 AM Saturday morning eyewitnesses tell us that they heard a loud crash, a dragging sound and a series of train cars derailed on the Kansas City Southern track, milepost 181.

“There was a huge cloud of dust and as it settled you could see the cars falling,” James tells us who lives right across the tracks on US-59.

“Every type of emergency vehicle from Goodman to Neosho was out here. Ambulance, Sheriff’s, Highway Patrol, they were all here. Sightseers lined up and down the road.”

Sources tell us that 15 train cars are derailed, 5 appear to be on thier side. 2-3 layed over were full of chicken feed, so this is not a HAZMAT situation.

“Last time something like this happened is when coal cars derailed,” James said his memory is it what it used to be, but that was the early 1980s.

No one was injured in the derailment. Kansas City Southern and other contractors at the scene declined comment.

Crash occurred near McElhaney and milepost 181. Milepost is comparable to the mile marker on interstate highways. The crash is located 181 miles south of the beginning of the Kansas City Southern main line, at Kansas City.

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