Early morning crash 249-171; Close call for emergency workers in live video

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Crash was cleared from roadway at 7:05 AM

CARTERVILLE, Mo. — Vehicle in the roadway was struck by a pickup and then a semi-tractor trailer swerving hitting the guardrail causing the melee Friday morning on the transition from 249 north to 171 Carterville.

Crash was reported at 6:04 AM. It was determined quickly it was minor injury. However traffic was slow-going.

“A few minutes into our live video I’m looking at Schrader’s Towing just as they get the Alpha Romeo on the skid and I hear skidding on the pavement. I go to run and I realize I’m at the top of a huge embankment behind the guardrail. There was a curse word,” Shannon states.

skidding heard at first of video and reaction

A vehicle applied their brakes on the wet pavement too late barely avoiding a Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputy who was parked as the blocking vehicle to the series of crash(ed) vehicles along the roadway.

Cardinal Towing of Webb City/Carterville towed the red pickup with extensive damage to the right front.

We believe there will be a few reports from Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Prewitt. If so there are two separate crashes and perhaps another report. We will update our story here on FourStatesHomePage and our Joplin News First tab.

ORIGINAL STORY: CARTERVILLE, Mo. — 6:04 AM northbound 249 as it becomes 171 towards Carterville reports of a 3-vehicle crash Friday morning. Emergency workers on the scene report the roadway is blocked and traffic is stopped.

6:10 AM traffic situation. Google Maps. Orange is slow down, Red is stopped.

Minor injuries however no one took a trip to the hospital. Missouri State Highway Patrol tell us it was two crashes. One was a pickup and small passenger vehicle and another was a semi-tractor trailer striking the guardrail.

Avoid the area. Suggested take Zora exit if traveling 249 northbound.

More information as it becomes available. Shannon Becker is out this morning watching traffic and weather together.

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