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JOPLIN REGION — Since this online FACEBOOK group began in early 2018 it has assisted the retrieval of countless cars, bikes, pieces of equipement, tools, animals, pets etc. It’s a way for social media to work for the community by sharing a post of what occurred, what was stolen and where. And then also whom to contact if someone knows something.

This online community group exists to assist law enforcement and authorities in retrieving stolen items. When posting a stolen item, we ask that a police report already be filed on the object or item, the contact agency and contact person where filed. More details are below. Thank you for joining our community action group. CLICK to view or join Joplin Area Stolen Items on FB.


OVERVIEW FROM GROUP: These are items that have been stolen from your home or business. With every post please put a picture of what was stolen. If you don’t have a picture then pull an example of what was stolen from the internet. Your post might be deleted if there is no photo. People tend to not pay attention to something they cannot see.

This page exists to make the sale of stolen items or goods as difficult as possible. And also to help in the recovery of them as easy as possible.

Also if you’ve had a break-in and have security footage? Please post footage/photos. PM admin and perhaps they can help edit it for you.

If you have someone lurking around your place and you see them on camera use this group to get to the bottom of it.

If something is recovered or there are updates on your items stolen please update in a timely manner.

You cannot name or accuse someone of theft in your post. Innocent until proven guilty.

PIC* — every post must have a pic
WHAT was stolen
WHERE it was stolen
WHAT does it look like
WHAT police department/agency have you reported it to

*If you don’t have a pic of what was stolen, google image search, something that looks similar, post that and say, it looks similar to…

This group is a community action group sponsored by JoplinNewsFirst. It is maintained by the moderators of Joplin News First.

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