SWAT Overnight at Residence Near Junge Stadium; Nine Detained, Two Arrested, as Police Investigate Disturbance with a Weapon

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Cpl Jared Swann of the Joplin Police Department tell us late Saturday night they responded to a residence, 1510 South Picher, where a possible Disturbance with a Weapon had occurred.

Upon arrival Police were met with opposition of the occupants of the home. No one wanted to cooperate with authorities.

So shortly before midnight officers began a contain and call-out of the occupants inside the residence.

“Occupants of 1510 South Picher, this is the Joplin Police Department, come out with your hands up.”

Spoken Repeatedly on Loudspeaker by Police

Over a period of time, numerous people exited the residence without incident and were detained. However others still refused to come out and talk with investigators.

The SWAT team was then contacted to come and clear the residence and assist in detaining the rest of the occupants.

Shortly after 2:00 AM SWAT announced themselves and entered the home introducing a flash-bang device. Shortly thereafter the final few were escorted out and handcuffed, then led away.

Cpl Swann tells us nine people were detained from the residence. Two people were arrested on outstanding warrants. Detectives are still investigating the assault allegations.

We asked Cpl Swann if shots were fired as reported by neighbors, he told us casings were recovered by investigators but Detectives would determine if they were fired from a weapon recovered at the scene.

No one was injured in the hours long operation.

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