Bomb squad detonate device, 5:24 PM, “Fire in the Hole”

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Jasper County Sheriff's Office investigate abandoned vehicle, discover what could be an explosive device, Springfield Bomb Squad summoned

UPDATE: About 5:00 PM the Springfield Bomb Squad arrived, they are a part of the Springfield Fire Department. They examined the device and determined it to be some sort of explosive device. They removed it from the property to the south, through a fence several hundred feet away from homes.

Everyone nearby was asked by Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputies to go inside of a vehicle or home incase there could be any showering of shrapnel or something falling from the sky.

Then at 5:24 PM, “Fire in the Hole” was heard numerous times loudly, and the device was detonated. You can hear the detonation in our LIVE! video we played back.

Shortly afterwards residents could return to their homes. No one was injured in today’s events.

The vehicle, white SUV, was then examined closer. It was determined to be stolen out of the Wichita area. JASCO investigators requested assistance of ATF agents who are arriving on the scene to work with local detectives on this continuing investigation.

ORIGINAL: JASPER COUNTY, Mo. (Airport Drive) — ABOUT 2:00 PM today Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to 422 East Fountain Road to check on a abandoned vehicle.

“We ran a check on the vehicle and it had a hit on it, possibly being stolen. As we are looking in the windows of the vehicle we noticed something that could be potentially an explosive device. So we have evacuated trailers from around the vehicle and we have contacted the bomb squad. Now we are waiting on the bomb squad from Springfield to respond.”

SGT Tim Williams, JASCO

Do not come to the trailer park to be a spectator. And that is for your safety he tells us.


SGT Williams goes on to say if you live in the park and have not been evacuated, stay in your home. 

More information as it becomes available. This is a developing story. Watch for our live story.

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