Successful rescue, found alive, teen washed away in flood waters, 2 miles downstream 8 hours later

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This was a Carl Junction Fire Dept Water Rescue Operation, assisted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol Water Rescue, the Joplin Fire Dept Water Rescue and Redings Mill Water Rescue.

17-year-old female located downstream two miles from where she went into the water at North Schifferdecker and West Zora. 8 hours later with no shoes and just a t-shirt.

The vehicle she was driving was overcome by rising water and it was washed off a low water crossing over Turkey Creek in northwest Joplin.  

She was discovered by a landowner who was just coming down to the creek to see how high the water had risen.  He saw her across the water on the north shore on kind of an isolated patch and she waved.  

She is now being treated at a local hospital for non-life threatening wounds and exposure.

◽️ 2254 HRS (10:54 PM) Water Rescue call to Carl Junction & Mutual for Joplin 
(64801) — Differing reports through the evening on the original count in the search. However three were originally in the creek spotted by a Jasper County Sheriff’s Deputy at 10:58 PM.

Two males were rescued and transported to area hospitals through the course of the rescue before it was postponed for the night.

One person is still unaccounted for. Joplin Fire Department tell us, “we will resume the search in the morning at 7:00 AM with the Carl Junction Fire Department.”

Redings Mills Water Rescue provided mutual aid Monday evening. It’s not known if they will assist in the morning.

* * * * UPDATE: 12:18 AM a 17-year-old male was rescued from the water. Taken to an area hospital reported as “stable but shivering and cold”. He was reported to have been in the water about 45 minutes.

* * * * UPDATE: 2:08 AM a second male was rescued from the north shore of the creek. He was transported to an area hospital ‘reported to have been swept off the bridge in his vehicle’ and was in the water about 3 hours. Radio report stated ‘he was very cold’.

They are not releasing information on the third person they are searching for along the creek.

Authorities remain hopeful as they continue to search.

From Joplin Police Department
“Stay home and off the roads. We have many low lying intersections and roadways underwater and cars stalled all over town.

There’s no way that the street dept can place signs or barricades on all of them.

We’ve shut the gates on Shoal Creek Low Water Bridge and the Low Water Underpass on Murphy Blvd.” Sgt Clay Collard — @JoplinPolice

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