Stolen pickup crashes into house on Greenwood Dr, ‘social media was the key’ insiders told us

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Vehicle was reported stolen around 3:00 PM on Thursday afternoon in the Twin Hills area.  Joplin Police department filed it as a stolen vehicle. 

There were a few things made this vehicle noticeable:

  1. PAINT JOB  We’ve heard the term ‘smurf’ circulated about this truck and with the company logo, Air Medics Heating & Air, it simply stuck out.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA  Shortly after being taken a picture was circulated quickly on the web.  In fact, it was shared on Joplin News First page, ‘Joplin Area Stolen Items‘.   

That brings us to this evening and how the truck got here, crashed into a vacant/abandoned house. The vehicle was seen by someone who was aware on social media it was taken earlier in the day.  

The truck crashed out at this 90° turn on Greenwood drive traveling east. After the dust settled from hitting the house, witnesses say an adult male got out of the truck and said, I can’t stay I have warrants! So off he ran into the darkness.


Police arrived a short time later to 4100 Greenwood Drive and the suspect driver was not located.


We believe the pickup was stolen in the Twin Hills area of west Joplin.  It’s not known the complete circumstances.  

According to radio traffic the truck still had the keys in the ignition when police arrived to the crash.  We all must be more vigilant in locking vehicles at home.  Working on the job.  Or even just running to get something inside a gas station when pumping some fuel.  Never leave your vehicle unattended.  

Insiders tell us that just leaving your door unlocked gives someone just moments to look for your gun in your vehicle, spare change, wallet, purse etc.  People who steal are good at it.  They are predators and you make easy prey.  

In the short amount of time this truck was MIA most of the contents totaling thousands of dollars were gone.  

The Smurf was recovered. It took a beating and is roughed up pretty good. I’d say it’s totaled. Most of my tools, supplies, camper shell, ladder rack, etc are gone.  owner, social media 

The owner also was very thankful to people for their assistance and friendship.  


Joplin Police Department and Newton County Sheriff’s Deputies are both involved and charges could be brought.  JPD could be seeking possible tampering charges, theft and Newton Co for fleeing the scene of an accident.  

Both departments have not named a suspect.  But we believe the individual is known.  


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