Shoal Creek Water Festival is about educational programs year round

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JOPLIN, Mo. — This marked 14 years Wildcat Friends Group have celebrated Joplin’s water source, Shoal Creek. And raise funding to achieve their purpose; “To protect the area known as Wildcat Park and the surrounding chert glade environment, habitat, and wildlife by promoting awareness and sustainability, providing education and recreation space and programs, and sponsoring nature-based activities.” Wildcat Glades Friends Group

“This year’s Water Festival was a success! The boat racers were hilarious as they taunted and challenged one another. They will return next year with bigger and better boats- I am not sure if that is a threat, warning or a promise… The number of guests was lower than in the past, but that was expected. We are grateful for the support of our partners, volunteers and vendors.” Robin Standridge, Exec. Dir. Wildcat Glades Friends Group

The Wildcat Glades Friends Group is about education year round. Under the educational tent on Saturday the Dickerson Park Zoo share the amazing work of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service bringing the endangered bald eagle back to populate our region. They brought a female bald eagle.

Dickerson Park Zoo share at recent Shoal Creek Water Festival on the eagle U.S. Fish and Wildlife program of the 1970’s and 1980’s that brought the majestic bird back to our region.
LIVE! BALD EAGLES —DICKERSON PARK ZOO — Shoal Creek Water Festival >>

LIVE! BALD EAGLE — Dickerson Park Zoo — Shoal Creek Water Festival >> (…+) The education tent was packed as the unfolding story of Missouri’s rich history and tedious care to bring the bald Eagle back to our state. It was fascinating to know that a little area just outside Neosho, Missouri, was a key location where eaglets were nurtured during a span of the 70s and 80s to grow the nearly extinct population.

Posted by Joplin News First on Saturday, August 14, 2021
LIVE! RACE # 2 CARDBOARD BOAT RACES — Shoal Creek Water Festival >>

LIVE! RACE # 2 CARDBOARD BOAT RACES — Shoal Creek Water Festival >> (…+) Newton County Rescue & Recovery give us the best view to film today’s race! Thank you Leut Chris Sloan! (…+) Community groups and Wildcat Glades supporters make cardboard boats to compete for prizes! Henkle’s Ace Hardware raised the most money, voted as community 😍 favorite. See in comments. Thank you for helping to raise more money for educational programs at Wildcat Glades!

Posted by Joplin News First on Saturday, August 14, 2021

The morning began with the Missouri Department of Conservation nearby holding a kids fishing day at Walter Woods Conservation Area, 7100 Dutch Elm Drive. Its just down the road about a mile.

FROM MDC: “The original area was purchased in 1931 by Dr. Otto Walter for Chapter 31 of the Izaak Walton League in Joplin. The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built many structures on the area in the early 1930s including a meeting lodge, a stone wall fence, two bridges, and fish rearing ponds. Originally, the area had eight ponds. However, only three remain today.

The Izaak Walton League operated an active fish hatchery at this location for several years. Water from the spring on the private property to the south provided water for the hatchery operation. It is estimated that the Izaak Walton League released over one-million fish reared at this site into area streams.

In 1985, the Izaak Walton League donated the area to the Conservation Department to continue conservation activities. Today, most of the original 28-acre Conservation Area is rocky forested bottomland with about one-quarter of the property being somewhat hilly. Along with common oaks and hickories, the area also features species such as pawpaw, spice bush, flowering dogwood, and a variety of native wild flowers.

In 1992, the original south pond was renovated with a paved path for disabled accessibility. The lodge was renovated in 1991 for use as an education training center. The trail system has been paved for disabled accessibility and a new bridge was added in 2006 to connect the two trails.” read more…

Wildcat Glades Friends Group is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group. They are funded through donations. If you would like to read more or support them, click the link here.

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