Semi vehicle transport decimated in minutes as fire lights up the evening sky near Flying J

Joplin News First

No injuries to the driver or firefighters. Fire initially was reported from the engine compartment. Eyewitnesses said the fire was ‘intense’ and it burned ‘fast’.

Semi was hauling seven vehicles. Two immediately behind the semi cab were destroyed in the fire. Five remained intact. The semi is a complete loss.

We spoke with the driver who told us he got out with only what he had on. He didn’t even have his wallet in his pants pocket. It was left in the truck.

He held his hands out to his sides and said, it’s all gone. But he assured us he would be ok. His company, out of Illinois, was going to take care of him.

Joplin Fire responded and requested assistance from Duenweg Fire for a tanker truck.  Joplin Fire remained on the scene until 9:56 PM

MoDot Emergency Response was dispatched to the scene for traffic control as Santa Fe Wrecker was entrusted with the job of off-loading the trailer of vehicles and then trailering the chassis of the burned out semi.


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