Semi-tractor trailer loses load of sheet metal, MODOT waits for less traffic to complete clean up

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National Work Zone Safety Week just ended however that doen’t mean we should not remember how important safety is for our highway workers.

The crash earlier at 8.4 MM westbound was a semi-tractor trailer that lost it’s load of sheet metal that was scattered in the median over nearly a 1/2 mile stretch. There were no injuries.  MODOT workers waited until the workers and correct machinery could be amassed, along with less traffic, to finish the clean up.  

13 people lost their lives in Missouri Work Zones last year. Although the MODOT SWMO Emergency Response truck is in place and telling people to slow and merge you can see how fast they are flying by these workers and there are just cones to seperate them.

MODOT jobs are good solid career jobs. And they are hiring for the Emergency Response team and other positions almost constantly across the region.

CLICK here for current positions at MODOT  

Joplin News First LIVE! video of crash scene

Joplin News First LIVE! video of clean up scene

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