Searchlights light the way to overnight deals

Joplin News First

JOPLIN, Mo. — Black Friday shopping began again this year on Thanksgiving around 4:00 PM. Coffee and treats before the 6:00 PM availability of the Black Friday deals at Wal-Mart Super Centers.

The area was cordoned off late Wednesday for the sale merchandise. We even witnessed where they had been hiding these sweet deals! A forklift was emptying the metal storage containers in the parking lot!

Target parking lot at 9:00 PM was completely full. Then by 11:00 PM you could see a noticeable smaller amount of cars. Inside the Black Friday Deal Buster bins were almost empty except for a few electric blankets.

Kohl’s is open all night long. One of our Joplin News First fans posted, “I work 1:30 AM to 9:00 AM if someone wants to being me some coffee!”

We got this message around 11:00 PM. It was from a man. It seems he didn’t remember it was Black Friday shopping. Go figure!

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