Rollover Crash West 32nd Monday Evening

Joplin News First

(64804) — Approximately 7:20 PM Monday evening a three vehicle crash sent two people to the hospital with moderate injuries on West 32nd. The crash was located 1803 West, 32nd.

Cpl Michael Gauss of the Joplin Police Department tells Joplin News First, ‘It could have been much worse but all occupants were wearing their seat belts.’

This was a three vehicle collision where two of the three vehicles struck head on and then the dark SUV rolled over, then back onto it’s wheels.

“Two people with moderate injuries and one refusal,” Cpl Gauss stated. Those two were transported via ambulance to area hospitals.


  • An unbelted occupant of a 30 mph car crash hits the windshield or other interior surfaces with the same impact as a fall from a three-story building.
  • People without seat belts have been killed at speeds as low as 12 mph.
  • The effectiveness of an air bag system drops 40 percent when a seat belt is not used.
  • Nationally, traffic crashes kill about five people every hour and, in Missouri, one person every nine hours.
  • Seat belts would have saved the lives of more than one half of the car passengers killed each year.
  • A driver’s chance of being killed in a traffic crash if not wearing a seat belt is 42 times greater than that of a driver who is buckled up.

Missouri it’s the law to wear a seat belt. [CLICK for source: Join Our Click, Just Buckle Up to Belong from Missouri State Highway Patrol.]

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