Redings Mill house fire; fire’s glow seen miles around

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7133 Brandi Lane is the highest peak in Redings Mill, atop the large hill south of Redings Mill Inn

REDINGS MILL, Mo. — This house Fire is on the peak of the highest hill in Redings Mill. Bringing out departments from all over.  In the initial call Joplin Engine and Tanker are requested as mutual aid.

The call to update incoming fire and EMS stated 8:25 PM “flames showing at the middle of the house.”

Redings Mill Fire department is exactly across the street to the hill where this house sits on the peak at 7133 Brandi Lane.  

Ammunition was popping off as Redings Mill Fire Department arrive at 2028.  Flames noted that it’s fully engulfed from the rear of the house.  

Brandi Lane Command requests a Duenweg tanker as the second alarm sounds at 8:39 PM.  

No family members were injured that we are aware.  We talked with a relative who told us that the dogs in the house were accounted for as well.  However official information will come from Redings Mill Fire Department.  

Developing story as Missouri State Fire Marshal is summoned shortly before 10:00 PM. Fire is officially declared under control at 10:35 PM.  Fire Marshal arrives on scene at 10:41 PM.  

LIVE! VIDEO FEED. (see at bottom).  LIVE! VIDEO CLIP (Roof on front porch collapses, see on LIVE! video clip on INSTA.)

Here we are:

The view from the north across the Redings Mill Bridge. You can see Redings Mill Inn in the foreground.

Google Street View 2013

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