Recent flash floods washed this coffin up in my yard, what should I do?

Joplin News First

Recent rains last month in Joplin area surprised many with never-before-seen flash flooding. One rural Carl Junction family along Turkey Creek had high water, which is not out of the ordinary. But what they saw as the water started receding was startling.

A coffin, a real coffin.

The family asked to remain private. But allowed us to share their photos.

The coffin initially was too far out in the rushing water to get to it, but they could see the lid was moved a little, and something, or someone was inside it.

Jasper County Sheriff’s Office was called and so was the Jasper County coroner. They said to get in touch with them when the water receded.

Unbelievable, where did it come from? It had been hours but was still too far out in the rushing water to examine.

Since coffin’s aren’t sold everyday outside of normal dealers the Jasper County coroner remembered someone had purchased a new coffin as a prop for a spook house. He called back.

A photo confirmed the color and style. That was the coffin. It wasn’t a spook house though it was a spook cave that bought it and actually sits on Turkey Creek, upstream from the residence. The coffin had floated in the rushing waters.

Joplin News First chatted with the Old Haunted Belleville Cave and they confirmed with some photos the coffin had floated off the top of one of their box trucks after it was knocked over by the rushing waters of Turkey Creek.

It is a REAL coffin! Everything should be back up and running perfectly for another season at the Belleville Cave in October, 3350 Foxtrot Lane. The majority of the props were stored inside the cave and they remained safe from floating away.

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