Radio Traffic: Seneca high-speed pursuit ends in Joplin

Joplin News First

Joplin News First takes you behind the scenes of early Sunday morning pursuit

JOPLIN, Mo. — Early Sunday morning around 1:45 AM a yellow sport bike was leading Seneca Police on a high-speed pursuit traveling north on MO-43. Driver was thought to be DWI, thus matching the criteria of most departments to initiate pursuit.

Normally police radio traffic is not available to the public. In this digital age of HD-TV and HD-RADIO, most police agencies, including Joplin are encoded and not accessible.

On a rare occasion as a pursuit crosses multiple jurisdictions, frequencies will be used so all agencies can communicate. And early Sunday morning was a rare occasion where Joplin News First caught the 20 minutes leading to the crash and arrest.

Involved in this pursuit: Seneca Police Department, Newton County Dispatch, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Joplin Dispatch and Joplin Police Department.

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