Oklahoma State Health officials confirm nine dead at Grove nursing home, attributed to COVID-19

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The number of confirmed deaths at the nursing center nearly doubled from five to nine

Grove Nursing Center, now with 9 fatal cases attributed to COVID-19. Ranking #2 in the state. Only one other LTC has more, Norman has 10 deaths.

GROVE, Okla. — Oklahoma State Health officials confirm overnight that nine have now died of COVID-19/nursing home related cases at Grove Nursing Center, 1503 West Har-Ber Road, Grove.

Although Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt weeks ago declared Oklahoma a state of emergency and the center has been closed to visitors, new cases are being reported and more deaths are being logged. Since yesterday’s report three new staff members have tested positive. And the number of dead went from five to nine.

According to state records the facility is licensed to have 133 beds. 48 residents tested positive for COVID-19.

Grove Nursing Center was last inspected on January 30, 2020. The results were made public in a 70-page document filed* openly by the state on February 15, 2020.. The center had 10 days to file a POC (plan of correction) to make “significant corrections”. Citied for issues as not having an emergency plan in case of tornado, fire or other natural disaster. After a patient is checked in, guardians are informed of a care plan in a timely manner. Dietary needs are met in a timely manner. Etc.

Ten days later, February 25, 2020, they were certified* by the Department of Health and Human Services to be compliant.


According to Oklahoma State Department of Health LTC (Long Term Care) numbers as of Monday night, April 20, at midnight there are 76 people who have tested positive at the Grove Nursing Center. The number of residents and staff testing positive continues to climb. 48 residents, 28 staff, 76 total.


  • Delaware County (Grove, Jay) has 87 confirmed cases, 9 deaths.
  • Ottawa County (Miami) has 27 confirmed cases, no deaths.
  • Craig County (Vinita) has 8 confirmed cases, no deaths.


Oklahoma Rep Josh West House Dist. 5 confirmed Tuesday via social media that there were nine (9) deaths due to COVID-19 in Delaware County.

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Local municipality numbers:
Town/Total Cases/Total Deaths/Recovered/Active
Grove: 68/9/20 – Active cases 39*
Afton: 12/0/9 – Active cases 3*
Jay: 8/0/4 – Active cases 4*
Fairland: 2/0/1 – Active cases 1*
Wyandotte: 1/0/1 – Active cases 0*
Colcord: 1/0/1 – Active cases 0*
Big Cabin: 1/1/0 – Active cases 0*
Oaks: 1/0/0 – Active cases 1*
Disney: 1/0/1 – Active cases 0*
Miami: 11/0/2 – Active cases 9*

Ok Rep Josh West House Dist. 5

*Cannot be accessed by most phone platforms. To view links to inspection click here. Then search “Grove Nursing Center”. Scroll to page 3 and documents dated January 30, 2020. One is a 70 page document and the other is a one page document. You can also view them saved as images in a temporary google images album. There are 60 pages. The original document has 10 blank images. Click here to view.

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