Mysterious lights in the sky, company founder being offered $1 Billion package of incentives to open factory in Joplin

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Lights are satellites making up Elon Musk's SpaceX rural broadband internet project. Musk is also CEO at Tesla to whom Joplin Chamber Toby Teeter has offered $1 billion in tax incentives to build a factory in Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. — Thursday evening shortly after 9:00 PM we started receiving messages from followers about lights in the night sky.

“Hey do y’all see the crazy moving objects in the sky, they were moving pretty fast a min ago to be stars? It was pretty cool but a little wicked at the same time , my neighbors knocked on the door for us to go out and see it” KD

“Has anyone looked up in the sky tonight There are what looks like fast moving airplanes ….groups of them. This has been going on 30 minutes maybe more when we noticed it.” LT

In a simple way you can say it’s high-speed internet for country folk. You know when you get outside the city you can’t get fast speeds?

What you saw were small satellites part of SpaceX’s Starlink broadband internet constellation — a global satellite internet project. The project aims “to provide constant high-speed internet access to users around the world,” including remote areas that are often left out.

According to, SpaceX now operates more orbiting satellites than any other company. And over Joplin were just a few that will combine with the thousands that will eventually make up SpaceX’s global internet project.


There could be up to 12,000 satellites to make up the Starlink project.

Each satellite weighs around 485 pounds and will beam high-speed internet to the Earth below. SpaceX plans to operate these satellites in a lower geostationary orbit than existing satellite internet providers, which they say will provide faster internet speeds.

SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk. Click here to read more about the company.

Although the two companies are not the same. Elon Musk and the opportunity of Tesla coming to Joplin could change our corner of the world.

Elon Musk is also the co-founder and CEO at Tesla, overseeing all product design, engineering and manufacturing of the company’s electric vehicles, battery products, and Solar Roofs.

Joplin Chamber President Toby Teeter has recently been pitching incentives via twitter towards Tesla and Musk. Even tweeting this week:

Toby Teeter, Joplin Chamber President, said, “We have a better workforce, a more cost efficient workforce, we have more battery engineers in our market. We have destination markets in every corner. And I think we’re going to be a pretty strong competitor for this opportunity. This opportunity’s massive. We’re talking about based on the gigafactory in Nevada, we’re looking at about 7 thousand jobs, looking at a 2 million square foot facility. We’re talking about a capital investment of around 6 billion dollars.”

Nick Edwards, Joplin City Manager, said, “We’re ready to partner with Tesla. We have a lot of tools in our toolbox to help make that opportunity possible.”

Teeter says he certainly hopes this new website appeals to Tesla, but he also hopes it attracts and retains millennial and Generation Z workers — which make up the majority of our local workforce.

CLICK to view the new CHOOSE JOPLIN website.

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