#MarianDays19 GUIDE 101: Parking, Food, Boba Tea & Gift Shops

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The event ends on Sunday morning with a church service

(CARTHAGE, Mo.) — After a private tour from Carthage Police Chief Greg Dagnan, which you can take too, earlier in the week. And spending two days at #MarianDays19 with locals and Vietnamese Catholic friends. We have a guide that will help you enjoy a visit.


Über/Lyft drivers pick-up and drop off you would approach south of the event.

Carthage Police Chief Greg Dagnan tells us on twitter. “Fairview and Grand, South of the Salvation Army. [Approach the checkpoint] Tell the officer you are dropping off and there is an area where you can take your time.”

Public parking, put this address into your GPS or just click: 2320 Grand Ave, Carthage, MO 64836. That is Fairview Christian Church (the original Carthage Wal-Mart).

Best parking is off the 5-point roundabout and you will see Carthage Police directing you to park in designated areas. Public parking is suggested on the south side of the event.

Prepare to walk. Wear good walking shoes and if you have kids bring a stroller.


The food the public would enjoy is for lunch and then evening dinner meal. Food tents are set up on the east side of the campus, to the east of the main building.

Suggested time to arrive at the event by 6:00 PM. Most of the attendees will be at evening Mass on the west side of the campus. So the east side is less-busy.

These restaurants are set up in tents days before the event. They are inspected by the health department then licensed and monitored through the event.

Simple for locals to order food. Menu’s are written in English. Remember these are all Catholics and they live in America. Some of the older people speak Vietnamese, but most were born in the United States and do not speak Vietnamese as their primary language.

Most food vendors are set up as fundraisers for churches and youth groups, their largest fundraisers of the year. You will see young people as servers and working in them.

Restaurants on their signs state where they are from: Louisiana, Oklahoma City, Port Arthur, Grand Prairie, Texas etc.

You simply can walk up to one of the open air tents. A hostess will greet you. Someone will seat you, take your order, talk you through the menu. Prices are plainly listed. Eat, pay your server, just like any restaurant.

A meal for an adult is $8 – $11.


Boba Tea (sometimes called bubble tea) is not traditional but it’s fun. It appeared in culture in the 1980’s, 20-30 years ago.

It’s a tea-based drink. But it can be very sweet. There are many choices: Watermelon, Avocado, Strawberry, etc.

The bubbles are usually tapioca pudding and are chewy like gummy bears. You can also buy the exploding bubbles which pop in your mouth easily and are sweet.

We suggest the exploding bubbles. The chewy bubbles are like eating a handful of rubber bands. Not bad, but you will be chewing a long time.


Eat them dry, no syrup served in a brown paper bag. Waffles are light like you would enjoy at a hotel for breakfast. The ones you get to pour your own batter into the waffle maker.

And they use food coloring in the batter so some are multi-colored and flavored.

Walk around and eat them like you would a pretzel at a carnival.


In case you don’t want to be too adventurous with food then choose the Marian Days Knights of Columbus food tent. They are the men’s group of St. Anne’s Catholic.

The Knights of Columbus from Carthage. They set up a tent and sell familiar things like chicken fingers, friend oreos, funnel cakes, etc.


There are two main gift shops located in the food area. One is the Regina Gift Shop, operated by the brothers of the campus as fundraiser. The other is features Vietnamese Catholic vendors from other places.

Most items are anything you would find inside a Catholic bookstore or church store in the U.S. Rosaries, jewelry, religious icons, crosses, art. But there are carnival toy items too. Fans, keychains, toys, necklaces.

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