Man arrested in Joplin Walmart robbery

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Shockley was able to steal just over $3,600 from the Wal-Mart Money Desk

JOPLIN, Mo. – According to the Joplin Police Department in a probable cause filed in Jasper County, Darren G. Shockley, 29, of Joplin, has been named as the male suspect who committed a strong armed robbery at Wal-Mart, 1501 South Rangeline, on February 12.

Joplin News First and Four States Home Page were the first to break the story the evening of February 12. And now Four States Home Page and Joplin News First are the first to tell you of an arrest in the case.

Shockley is in the Jasper County jail on Felony Stealing charge(s), with no bond listed. The night of February 12 Joplin Police named the incident as a Strong Armed Robbery. A press release from Joplin Police named the charge as Felony Stealing the day after the incident as well.

NOTE: As we have covered these types of robbery before, a strong armed robbery does not involve a weapon or make the illusion the subject has a weapon. It’s done through intimidation and threatening force.

Shockley is scheduled for arraignment in Jasper County Court today, February 24, at 12:30. Charges filed are: Stealing – $750 Or More { Felony D RSMo: 570.030 }. According court records Shockley was able to steal just over $3,600 from the Wal-Mart Money Desk.

According to the probable cause written by a Joplin Police Department Detective the day after the incident:

“Shockley entered the Walmart Cash Center and placed a $5 bill with a note written on it. The cashier couldn’t read the note but Shockley stated that he needed cash. The cashier thought he was requesting change for $5 bill and when she touched a button to open the cash register Shockley told her not to touch any buttons. Shockley told the cashier that he knew where the cashier’s kids lived, which the cashier immediately recognized as a threat. The cashier believed that with this threat that she was being robbed. The cashier started to grab the $1 bills and $5 bills but Shockley told the cashier “no grab the 100’s and 20’s” After the cashier grabbed the $100 and $20 bills Shockley told the cashier to grab the money underneath the drawer. Cashier picked up the drawer and slammed it down on the ground to draw attention. Shockley told her not to do that. The cashier then grabbed some $50 bills from beneath where the drawer was sitting. Shockley grabbed the money and fled the scene. Darren Shockley was identified through surveillance, a photo lineup, and an eye witness identified him as an acquaintance.”

Shockley was not arrested until recently. According to Jasper County Jail records he was taken into custody last Thursday, February 20, 2020.

After Shockley fled through the grocery doors, allegedly with $3,620, just before 6:00 PM, the night of February 12, he traveled across the road to Chili’s Grill and Bar, 1430 South Rangeline Road.

“At Chili’s Shockley was flashing roughly $5,000 which was counted by a witness. Shockley also provided his Missouri State Driver License to a witness at Chili’s Bar and Grill. Shockley then fled the area and was not located.”

While Joplin News First followed the story that night we witnessed Joplin Police and detectives combing the area, including apartment complexes. In particular one along South Highview Ave where they were giving descriptions to residents regarding a search for a white male. That white male was not identified or located that night.

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