Kansas-Missouri Interurban Railway Trolley Bridge over Spring River, a hidden gem

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Built in 1917 at 1,400 feet across, it was the largest in the state at that time.

BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. — “At the east end of 6th Street in Baxter Springs, a long-abandoned bridge stands as a part of the history of southeast Kansas,” Kansas Dept of Transportation.

There are so many hidden gems across the area, historic or otherwise. Places we’ve seen but and many of them we’ve never visited. So we recently started documenting some adventures. Here is a Joplin News First Hidden Gem: Kansas-Missouri Interurban Railway Trolley Bridge over Spring River.

“Built in 1917 at a cost of approximately $4 million, the Kansas-Missouri Interurban Railway Trolley Bridge was part of the interurban line between Joplin, Mo., and Picher, Okla. Spanning the Spring River at a length of almost 1,400 feet, the structure was considered the longest interurban bridge in Kansas at the time.

The interurban trollies ferried both miners and minerals to and from various camps in the region. The trollies have long ceased to run on the bridge – and walking over the top is not advised, as one can see from photos.

Boaters can still float underneath the bridge, and those along the river bank can appreciate its graceful, weathered arches.” — Kansas Dept of Transportation

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