Joplin’s Latest Employee has arrived, have you met ‘The Robot’?

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'The Robot' helps with inventory overnight, scanning shelves to see what needs to be restocked

(Joplin, Mo.) — If you find yourself shopping late at night at an unnamed national retail location, you might run into one of their new workers. 

What’s it called? I asked an employee I saw in the distance. “I didn’t know it had a name really, we call it ‘The Robot’. At first I didn’t know if it was cleaning the floors or taking inventory or what. Then I saw the lights on one side that seemed to scan the merchandise.

A kind employee we will keep anonymous told me, “it scans the shelves and then in the morning lets the managers know what needs to be restocked.”

The red arrows show the lights/cameras that point towards the merchandise being scanned.

Looking online real fast you can google and see articles from CNN, USA TODAY, Forbes, etc. And they are all from the past few months. And the robot is made by a company called Bossanova.

All the articles chime in saying mundane tasks of inventory and mopping the floor will be done by robots. CNN states this retailer, “will have robot floor scrubbing machines in 40% of their stores by the end of the year.” Stating also that employees can focus on what is important, customers. 

Back to the real world in Joplin though, this robot? I ask how long its been here? “We’ve only had ‘The Robot’ a few months.” Has it replaced anyone’s jobs yet I said jokingly? “Well we used to have two people that did the job the robot does now.”

As we understand now those people do other jobs now. 😳

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