Joplin R-8 plans for teaching kids at home, see lesson plans for little ones

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Physically students will not be in a classroom however teachers will still be working with parents and students in their homes

JOPLIN, Mo. — We talked with Sarah Mwangi, Joplin R-8 Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services, Friday regarding the plan for parents and students over the next few weeks that kids are not physically in the classrooms of Joplin schools. She also tells us long term planning for anything past April 3 should that arise.

“We want to take the next two weeks, where we know the state has waived those instructional days as credit for the district(s). We are looking at the essential things that our kids need to have before we would officially be on summer break, should school be closed for the rest of the school year.”


Parents can expect a phone survey regarding digital access. This will be conducted to inform the district what devices and internet accessibility this age group has at home. After reviewing the survey results they will be able to asertain the needs. In turn, hard copy packets, will be available for those students without digital access.

“For the next two weeks in addition to teachers reaching out to students. We want to provide a daily structure and daily schedule, something easy and familiar to follow. We have put together a daily schedule for K-5th. It gives specific activities, by times, linked as closely as possible to what we would do on a regular school day.”

In the meantime teachers will be calling and talking one-on-one with parents. The teachers will be meeting virtually with other staff and teachers to streamline this learning process.

Image below is fuzzy. Click the image to go to the Online Learning Resource on your smart phone using GOOGLE.

This is a fuzzy screenshot from a phone. These lessons and schedules can be accessed on a smart phone (or any device) using GOOGLE DRIVE. CLICK NOW to view it on your phone. Select the TAB to the specific grades up to 8th.

6TH – 8TH

Parents will be getting a phone survey related to devices and home internet accessibility. This information will be most-important if this extends past April 3. If a student is without internet access, hard copy packets will be available.

Teachers will be calling and talking with parents. These students will be provided a schedule link with instructions like below. Note this is a fuzzy screenshot. Click image to follow link to actual document to the Online Learning Resource that will use GOOGLE.

This is a fuzzy screenshot from a phone. These lessons and schedules can be accessed on a smart phone (or any device) using GOOGLE DRIVE. CLICK NOW to view it on your phone. Click the TAB that will give you access to the grade you desire.

9TH – 12TH

“High School they are already one to one, already on CANVAS. CANVAS is our learning management system. So they are in a really good spot to continue working on some things that have already been working on. So their teachers will be communicating with them like they do during the regular school day.”

So students can expect transitions teachers to start calling them next week and classroom teachers will be checking in with them on things that are outstanding and they were working on before.


Prom has been canceled. Other activities have not yet been decided.

Mwangi tells us finally, “Joplin is very fortunate with what we can offer long term. We are confident we can work through it. We just need to get our teachers on virtually, organized, and set up. We are very optimistic on what we can provide our kids.”

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