Joplin Police SWAT secure residence for ODET

Joplin News First

Ozark Drug Enforcement Team serve search warrant on residence.

JOPLIN, Mo. — Shortly after 10:00 PM Joplin Police movement across the city became evident as SWAT was spotted by followers.

Huge group of unmarked vehicles, police and SWAT driving through town. What is happening?


Joplin Police tell us their SWAT secured a residence Wednesday night for an ODET warrant service (Ozark Drug Enforcement Team).

More information comes in and the operation is noticed in the West Central Neighborhood, 507 South Gray. SWAT is poised to enter a residence and there is a contain and call-out that can be heard for blocks around.

‘Occupants of 507 S Gray. This is the Joplin Police Department. Come out with your hands up.’

Few details are known at this late hour. An unknown number of individuals were detained. No injuries were reported.

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