Joplin Police & Joplin Fire Dept join forces to assist those in Royal Heights wanting to evacuate

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The banks of Turkey Creek are where Joplin’s earliest roots can be found.  In 1839 Solomon Rothanbarger traveled from Pennsylvania and built his family home 1/2 mile upstream. The Rothanbarger residence still stands 180 years later (see below).  

Joplin Police Chief Matt Stewart and Joplin Fire Chief Jim Furgerson met Thursday morning to devise a plan to assist people who needed help to evacuate their home the area along the creek with rising floodwaters. 


We’ve lived here 24 years and this is only the 3rd time we’ve seen the water this high, a neighbor came outside and chatted with us. [The city] did a lot of work on the creek and made it wider when they rebuilt the bridge.  It’s much better now than in the past.  The bridge is North St. Louis over Turkey Creek seen in our images and videos.

Officials told Joplin News First there are 21 homes along the creek on East Kensington and Jaccard that have typically flooded according to records and some might be elderly or homebound and would need assistance with wheelchairs, pets etc at this point.  

The yellow marks the streets they were checking along the north bank of Turkey Creek. 

Joplin Fire Department Water Rescue walked door-to-door talking with every residence that was home.  Also Joplin Police officers humvee drove along the already-flooded streets doing the same.

This is just a voluntary evacuation.  

Joplin Downtown Alliance recently featured Turkey Creek in Royal Heights with a post and story about the Solomon Rothanbarger home.  We found it an amazing story and thought you would too!  Follow them on facebook.  

If you live along this area and would like assistance call the city of Joplin non-emergency number 417-623-3131.



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