Joplin Police Investigating Third Party Report of Shooter, Unfounded as They Investigate Source of Report

Joplin News First

JOPLIN, Mo. — Shortly after 10:15 AM Capt William Davis tells media gathered at the Northpark Mall they received information from a 3rd Party, who had seen a report on the internet of an active shooter at the Northpark Mall.

We had talked to Joplin Police earlier and received information stating, police were “conducting an investigation and clearing the mall to ensure there are no threats.”

Capt Davis tells us that they did just that, clearing stores and back entry areas and nothing was found.

Earlier this morning the Joplin Police Department received a 911 call of a report of an active shooter situation at the mall at 101 N. Rangeline. Officers immediately responded to the scene and began clearing the mall and starting an investigation. At this time there has been no evidence found indicating that a shooting had taken place and officers have cleared the scene. The investigation into the reported threats is ongoing at this time. The Joplin Police Department want the public to know that there is no identified threat to the public from this incident at this time. We take these situations very seriously as to ensure the safety of citizens and visitors of Joplin.


They also flew the drone above the mall to look for any threats on the rooftop.

SWAT was never called. There is currently no identified person or vehicle they are searching for either.

They will investigate where the information came from however Capt Davis said at the very least it was a great exercise on what is supposed to happen in one of these situations, and he was pleased with the response of the mall and the police response as well.


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