Joplin News First goes undercover to investigate loud equipment on East 7th Street [SOLVED]

Joplin News First

[SOLVED, INFORMATION BELOW] Messages started coming in on our tipline about 11:00 PM Sunday night asking about loud equipment on East 7th the 1400 bk stretching to St Louis.

We observed the loud machinery. They appeared to be City of Joplin vehicles. We called JPD communications dept to try and determine the cause of this late-night work. We checked the city twitter, city website and press release list.

“Good luck sleeping,” stated one message on #JLN tipline

This one confused us. So we went undercover. “I’m disguising myself to look like any normal person in the middle of the night with a backpack walking 7th Street. However I don’t have a BMX bike,” stated Becker.

“And this backpack is my daughters and it says ‘going to grandma’s for the weekend’,” but it allows me to look normal and get closer to the loud action.

The work was continuing into the early hours of Monday morning. We reached out to the city and have not heard back as of yet. We will update as soon as we have information available.


Due to the late hour we reached out to the city and did not hear back until Monday morning.  They updated their press releases Monday morning reflecting the work that began on Sunday.  Thanks!  CLICK HERE for the direct link to the city press releases

Sunday night the work began, they posted their press release Monday morning.  That was the confusion, thanks!

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