Joplin News First {big3} Stories of the Week on KSN 16 #LocalNewsToday

Joplin News First

Every Thursday morning Shannon Becker is on the "talkie box" with Erin & Chase

(KSN TV Studios) — Thursday mornings Erin Sullivan and Chase Bullman welcome Shannon Becker into their tv studio and he shares the most-viewed Joplin News First stories of the week!

It’s called {big3}. Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it’s super serious. just like LIVE! Breaking Joplin News First.

This week we had a LOT of talk about The Bear. And then when the Bear was euthanized? Discussions have continued. It was our most-watched and followed story of the week.

Thanks for watching! Below is a playlist that will continually play in order stories that almost made the {big3} . . . Beyond the Big 3!

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