Joplin Mask Mandate Expires; Our Poll Results Are In: 60/40, Majority Select Expire

Joplin News First

JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin Mask Ordinance was put in place in November 2020 and will expire at 11:59 PM on Sunday night, February 28.

The Joplin City Council for now has decided to not hold a vote where the ordinance might be renewed. They will allow it to expire.

Facebook is an ever-changing landscape and since last summer they do not offer polls as a choice of posts for pages. So we held an unofficial poll on our Joplin News First tab for the public who wanted to surf in and vote. 60% of voters selected, allow the ordinance to expire, as the Joplin City Council did.

“The expiration of this ordinance lifts the requirement that citizens must wear masks in public or at businesses,” said Stanley. “Although the mandate has been removed, everyone is still encouraged to practice safe measures that we’ve been doing throughout this past year. Our community has continued to monitor and adjust their personal practices during the pandemic. We appreciate their diligence and support in taking these steps for the good of the community.

However some businesses might retain the mask requirement for patrons or employees. Additionally locations operated by federal agencies might require their use, IE, Joplin Regional Airport, MAPS or the Sunshine Lamp Trolley.To read the full City of Joplin Media Release click here.


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