Jasper County adds two more outside US travel-related C-19 cases; The State of Mo C-19, At a Glance

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No one has died under 30 years old in the state of Missouri from C-19 according to data compiled

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — Thursday the Jasper County Health Department released information on two more persons testing positive for C-19. Case #6 is a person in their 50s and case #7 is a teen.

  • Both traveled outside the US recently
  • Both reside in Jasper County
  • Jasper County Health Department will be notifying people who have had contact with the patients.


My friend Matt Holloway is not in the media but he is passionate about presenting correct, easy to read information. He does these updates nightly. You can follow him on his page or comment in the comments in today’s comment section of his post by clicking here. Thanks Matt for allowing us to share your helpful charts! ~ Shannon

The source sheet can be found by clicking here.


  • Cass County reports their first death in the county, a female in her 70s.
  • Pulaski County reports their first death in the county, no information has been released about the individual.
  • St. Louis County reports their fifth death in the county, a male in his 50s. This has been added to the demographic chart at the bottom.
  • St. Charles County reports their fourth death in the county, also a male, in his 70s.
  • Jackson County reports their second death in the county, a female in her 80s.


Really concerning news from Frontier Health and Rehabilitation Center in St. Charles County, as they’ve announced a total of 18 total residents who have tested positive for the virus, two of which have succumbed to the illness. Three employees tested positive, and another 12 are on sick leave awaiting test results.

~ Matt

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