Grand Falls is Missouri’s largest continuously running waterfall, today it may be the fastest too

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Looking at the high water is a family tradition for some

Grand Falls, along Shoal Creek in South Joplin is Missouri’s largest continuously running waterfall. Shoal Creek was the epicenter of social activity on hot summer days 100 years ago. There was even a dance hall on the creek.

But today perhaps the largest continuously running waterfall is the fastest running waterfall? A deluge in the last day has saturated Newton County and Shoal Creek will continue to grow through Sunday evening.

Even with the water running high it’s sort of a tradition to go ‘lookie loo’ at the water. Our live! Joplin News First cameras caught many people driving by the falls and checking out the high water.

Joplin News First friend Felicia sent us a message Sunday morning, “My dad and I were driving around and looking at the high water along the creek.” She goes on to say she saw us filming in the rain at low water bridge as she drove by.

He tells me stories about what used to be there and how high he as seen it in the past…it’s my favorite time.”

Swinging ropes, low water bridge, dance halls, were great. But Grand Falls was the attraction. If you are from Joplin and you haven’t had your senior pictures or some sort of special photo taken on the sharp rocks? Then you aren’t really from Joplin.

Driving and looking at the high water is kind of a tradition for some. One of our #joplinnewsfirst friends, Felicia,…

Posted by Joplin News First on Sunday, June 23, 2019
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According to the Joplin Convention and Visitors Bureau website, “The natural falls are created by a ledge of solid chert rock that measures 163 feet across, creating a Little Niagra Falls right here in our backyard.”

“Above the falls there’s a man-made dam. This was installed to form a reservoir that supplies water to Joplin residents.”

Also at one time there was an electric plant on the west side of the falls. You can still see the remnants of the concrete there as you look across.

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