Governor Parson issues statewide “Stay Home Missouri”

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Social distancing will now be practiced at grocery stores with a limit of how many people per square feet can go inside

JOPLIN, Mo. — Despite Joplin’s decision to issue an ordinance today to stay-at-home for 14 days, Governor Parson decision is the precedent that and moves the date back even further to April 24th. The statewide mandate shortly after 5:00 PM.

It also outlines how many people can shop in stores for essential items. Wal-Mart earlier on Friday outlined that they will limit amount of shoppers per 1,000 square feet in their stores. Others will wait outside. Beginning on Saturday April 4. That is part of what Governor Parson outlines in his order as well.

Target is limiting shoppers in Joplin beginning on Saturday.

Dollar General in Joplin is reported to be starting the same social distancing order.

Governor Parson Issues Statewide “Stay Home Missouri” Order to Control, Contain, and Combat COVID-19

Building on Missouri’s efforts to control, contain, and combat COVID-19, Governor Mike Parson today issued a statewide “Stay Home Missouri” Order effective beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Monday, April 6, 2020, until 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 24, 2020. 

The Order explicitly states that individuals currently residing within the state of Missouri shall avoid leaving their homes or places of residence unless necessary.

“First and foremost, I want everyone to know that I love this state and the people of this state,” Governor Parson said. “The people of this great state clearly define who we are in Missouri, and as Governor, I have no greater responsibility than to protect the health, well-being, and safety of all Missourians.”

In order to protect public health and prevent the further spread of COVID-19, Governor Parson’s Order includes specific guidance for staying home, social distancing, businesses and employees, schools, restaurants, firearm sales, and state government buildings.

Among other guidelines, the Order requires the following:

    • Individuals currently residing within the state of Missouri shall avoid leaving their homes or places of residence. 
    • All individuals in the state of Missouri shall avoid social gatherings of more than ten (10) people. 
    • All public and charter schools must remain closed for the duration of the Order.
    • Any entity that does not employ individuals to perform essential worker functions, as set forth in guidance provided by the federal government, shall adhere to the limitations on social gatherings and social distancing. 
    • Any entity that employs individuals to perform essential worker functions, and that is engaged in retail sales to the public, shall limit the number of individuals in any particular retail location as follows:Twenty-five (25) percent or less of the entity’s authorized fire or building code occupancy, as set by local authorities, for a retail location with square footage of less than ten thousand square feet (10,000 ft²)
    • Ten (10) percent or less of the entity’s authorized fire or building code occupancy, as set by local authorities, for a retail location with square footage of ten thousand square feet (10,000 ft²) or more.

The Order does not prohibit Missourians from accessing essential services, such as grocery stores, gas stations, and banks, or engaging in outdoor recreation, provided that necessary precautions are taken and maintained to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, including observing the social gathering and social distancing requirements set forth in the Order.

The Order shall be observed throughout the state and enforced by all local and state health authorities. Local public health authorities are directed to carry out and enforce the provisions of the Order by any legal means.

“There comes a time when we have to make major sacrifices in our lives. Many of us make sacrifices each and every day, but now more than ever, we must all make sacrifices,” Governor Parson said. “This is not about any one individual person. This is about our families, friends, neighbors, and the entire state of Missouri. For the sake of all Missourians, be smart, be responsible, and stay home, Missourians.”

As of today, Missouri has 2,113 positive COVID-19 cases out of tested in a total population of 6 million Missourians. This data shows that percent of those tested have been positive.

Of the percent of Missouri citizens who have tested positive, approximately 22 percent have required hospitalization. This means the remaining 78 percent are recovering at home or have already recovered.

Missouri has at least one positive case in 76 of Missouri’s 114 counties. Over half of the total positive cases are in St. Louis region. 

Also as of today, Missouri has 19 COVID-19 related deaths. Based on the state’s current data, Missouri’s death rate is still below one percent. 

To view the full “Stay Home Missouri” Order, please see attachment. For more information and resources regarding COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website at and the DHSS website at

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