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Joplin stolen vehicle stats and facts, are vehicle thefts more frequent

(64870) — About 5:00 AM Tuesday morning the Webb City Fire Department were dispatched to a vehicle fire behind a business on South Madison. Tipster video show the Ford Taurus fully engulfed with the horn blaring before fire fire trucks arrive.

Webb City Police tell us overnight the car was stolen out of Joplin. Stolen and then burned, all in the same night. As police arrived there was no one on the scene. Thus no injuries.

The address from where it was stolen in Joplin is not known. However it burned behind the former Atwood’s location, 1899 South Madison, Webb City. The building remains vacant since moving to their new location this past summer.

The Webb City Fire Department were summoned again just after 6:30 AM as the fire had rekindled. By then it was cool enough to be towed.


In the past two years there has been a slight rise in stolen vehicle reports. In 2017 396 vehicles and then 2018 438, thats a rise of about 10%.

In general as the population of Joplin has risen, so has the crime rate. 10 years ago in 2008, 357 vehicles stolen.


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