Epic day for Kansas City Chiefs fans, time to make another memory

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JOPLIN, Mo. — I remember the first time I really paid attention to the Kansas City Chiefs was about 1980. I was riding my bicycle around Parr Hill Park and you could ask Joplin Police officers for Kansas City Chiefs FREE football cards!

Well I only asked the police officer because my friends Evan and Reese knew Ofc. J.D. Love. I can’t tell you what football cards they were. It was some sort of promotional item. But I had them for years. And I never fell in the crosshairs of Officer Love.

What are your first memories of the Chiefs?


  • Longtime friend (and almost relative) Averi Tucker got to move back to Joplin! She said this morning in Kansas City at the Power & Light District, was it magic? “OF COURSE!” Parking was great, “stayed at the Westin and took the trolley!”
  • Gringo’s Joplin & Webb City close at 4:00 PM so their employees can enjoy the game.
  • Mercy Carthage: “We may be 150 miles from Arrowhead, but it is definitely parof of #Chiefs Kingdom” in Carthage!
  • Dr. Grote, MD and Kristin Johnson, NP Pediatrics office were on the Big3 this week and they told us it was an honor to have their picture shown!
  • Vicki Wagner decked out in red for church.
  • Marilyn Dunker, Webb City, Looking at the sunrise walking out of Webb City Wal-Mart, “I’ve cried 2 times this morning and I haven’t even heard the national anthem yet. PSA if you see me crying today; mind ya own business.”
  • “Can we just talk about the AMAZING shirt my friend Deb made for me!” Jennifer Reavis
  • Carthage HVAC, Eddie Hahnen, “Please keep your first responders in mind today … so our Police Officers, Paramedics, and Firefighters can enjoy the game.”
  • “What a glorious gameday sunrise that the Lord has made.” Mandy Meadows
  • “The Lord’s team is playing and He is well pleased.” Monica Gilbreth
  • Shane Munn #twinning, “Let’s do this Andy!!!”
  • Jennifer Beyer has a new puppy and she bought the wrong size shirt, #dogmomfail she stated. Still wins the cute factor tho.
  • Aiden, 11, from SEK his dad Matthew Broderick told us, “Aiden can tell you anything and everything about the Chiefs/Players/Stats, He’s a superfan like myself!” Dad has the new tattoo by Dennis Clements in Joplin to prove it.

Let’s make a new memory tonight, Go Chiefs.

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