D.O. Witmer Low Water Bridge is magical, it disappears🤷🏼‍♂️when it rains!

Joplin News First

Joplin News First drove over this bridge to cover a story Sunday morning, then it was gone!

◽️ New bridge is being built to the east to replace this bridge. Should be completed late 2019.
◽️ We drove over this bridge this morning at 4:30 AM to cover a story and 5 hours later it was gone! It’s magical, it’s like it disappears!🤷🏼‍♂️
◽️ In 2017 a FACEBOOK campaign saved the bridge from being demolished. Now this old bridge will be saved as a footbridge in the McIndoe Park. CLICK here to see the page that saved low water bridge!

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HISTORIC JOPLIN ◽️ Prior to the construction of the D.O. WITMER LOW WATER BRIDGE, people were ferried across Shoal Creek, which, as noted in a 1917 newspaper article , had on various occasion sunk, this “proving a source of considerable expense,” not to mention danger. Initially, Witmer proposed improving McIndoe Park by constructing a low water bridge at his own expense. Eventually, he and his wife deeded a strip of land on either side of Shoal Creek to the City of Joplin to be used as a park and the city constructed the bridge. In addition to connecting and providing for numerous generations of Joplin residents.


Normal water levels are about 4 feet where Shoal Creek is monitored at Redings Mill by the National Weather Service. Between 4:00 AM Sunday and 4:00 PM Sunday the water rose about 7 feet! That’s in 12 hours! As of now they are predicting the creek will barely hit minor flood stage Monday afternoon at 11.8 feet.

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