Countdown to 2020: Shots Fired at Kum and Go; #7 March 8

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JOPLIN, Mo. — It was a beef at a private residence that preceded shots being fired at Kum and Go, 50th and South Main, in Joplin on March 8. And it was quite shocking to see the gun laying just beyond the crime scene tape in full view.

Capt Trevor Duncan joined us in our live video and confirmed shot(s) fired and with people detained while they investigated

Capt Duncan told us an off-duty Joplin Police officer witnessed the encounter and disarmed the shooter. We have that video to show you now.


We find out later it began as a beef at private property. The people in the van were not welcome at the residence because they had allegedly had sticky fingers in the past. They were asked to leave quickly. And to get the message across they were chased, across town.

It stopped at the gas station as the truck pinned the van in and the man shot out the tires of the van.

Then the off duty officer came across the parking lot and disarmed the man with the gun.

One man was charged with unlawfully discharging a weapon in the city. And his weapon was confiscated. He was also wearing body armor. Which made the scene even more confusing.

The next day a man who had fled the van was captured. He had warrants and ran into the wooded area along Shoal Creek.

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