Clocks fall back this weekend; Return to Standard Time

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Return to Standard Time Sunday morning at 2:00 AM

A few memories of my life in Joplin. – Shannon

JOPLIN, Mo. — How do you remember if the clocks go forward an hour or back in the spring or fall each year in Missouri? I always remember we lost an hour to ‘SPRING FORWARD‘ like a rabbit. Or ‘FALL BACK‘ in autumn to gain another hour hibernating from the cold.

In the early days when the concept was developed there were a lot of reasons they say for the time change. Examples being, more time in the evening to work, so lamp oil could be conserved during World War I, and even in New Zealand so one guy could hunt for bugs longer? Well sure, um, that sounds good.

Growing up in Joplin it made it more fun in the summer so I could play at Parr Hill Park with my friends. I like that as the best reason for having Daylight Saving Time.

However summer and fun times as a kid are long gone. This weekend Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 AM Sunday, and we return to Standard Time.

I think one extra hour isn’t going to satisfy my old body, lol. – Shannon Becker


It’s a matter of geography. The further you travel from the Equator, the more drastic the seasons will be. That’s because Earth is tilted on its axis with respect to the sun, so the top and bottom portions of the globe receive more or less sunlight at different times of the year, making the loss of daylight hours more pronounced.

National Geographic, November 2018

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