Child dies in hospital critical care; Joplin man charged with child abuse, admits he filmed abuse on cell phone

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Brian Ogrodnick, 22, of Joplin, Mo., admits under miranda, he recorded five videos abusing the child, which cover a span of 12 days

UPDATE WEDNESDAY: Joplin Police release a statement on Wednesday morning. “On June 2, 2020 at 8:13 P.M. the 2-year-old male identified as Jameson Long, died at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO while being treated for his injuries. An autopsy will be scheduled for this investigation. The child abuse investigation is ongoing.”

New criminal charges against, Brian O’Grodnick, 22, Joplin, Mo., are expected to be added to the current, Abuse of a Child, pending autopsy findings. On Monday when the state requested no bond on the arrest warrant stating, “given the very serious nature of the child’s injuries, and the likelihood of additional, and even more serious charges, the defendant should be considered a flight risk, as well as a danger to others.”

Also on Monday the probable cause affidavit and paperwork filed in Jasper County, Joplin Police detectives state that while under miranda, “O’Grodnick admitting to making [videos on his cell phone] and performing the abuse against [child].”

The five videos of recorded abuse cover a span of 12 days:

  • April 20: “O’Grodnick pinches the face of [child] forcing the corners of his mouth to touch then shoves him by his face.”
  • April 21: “O’Grodnick again pinches [child] face while forcing him to make statements then slaps him in the face.”
  • April 22: “O’Grodnick chokes [child] with one hand around his throat while he is made to beg for water”
  • April 22: “O’Grodnick puts his fist up to [child’s face] lightly two times then on the third time he punches [child] in the face.”
  • May 1: “O’Grodnick grabs [child] by hair and asks [child] ‘do you love me’? then shoves him.”

“In the videos [child] is observed to have multiple bruises and scratches on his face and chin and is crying and shaking.”

Probable Cause Statement, filed by Theresa Kenny, Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney

ORIGINAL STORY MONDAY: JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin News First received exclusive information on Sunday morning at 9:33 AM regarding a medical call where a child was rushed to a Joplin hospital after officers had performed life-saving measures at the scene.

We were there at 1920 East 8th, Apt A, as officers and detectives of the Joplin Police Department interviewed neighbors. Spent time going in and out of the apartment with items as they began an investigation.

However we waited for official information from Joplin Police as their sensitive investigation began.

Now Monday Joplin PD release detailed information on what they believe has occurred.

On May 31 st , 2020 at approximately 9:32 A.M. Officers with the Joplin Police Department were dispatched to the 1900 block of east 8 th St. for a 2-year-old male child not conscious and not breathing. Responding Officers started life saving measures upon arrival. The child was transported to a local hospital where he was later transported to Kansas City, MO for treatment. Through the investigation Brian Ogrodnick (22) of Joplin, MO was arrested for Abuse of a Child. The juvenile child is being treated in Kansas City, MO and is listed in critical condition.

Capt Nick Jimenez, Joplin Police Department

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